The route of the trail

The project “The Maira Trail: the slow voice of the sky and the seasons” originates from the “Territori in Luce” call for tenders promoted by the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation in Turin. The desire to find fertile ground on which to build a tourism and culture offer based on sustainability and inclusion has become reality. The sights have been set high, with the intention to take tourism to a new level.

Nine municipalities are involved: Dronero, Villar San Costanzo, Busca, Villafalletto, Vottignasco, Savigliano, Cavallermaggiore, Cavallerleone, and Racconigi. Over 50 km long, the trail crosses a landscape extending from the foothills to the plain. It takes visitors on a journey through space and time, discovering a varied, dense network of culture, nature and landscape, bringing together individuality and diversity.

The river runs straight and fast towards the sea, but every now and then it forms a bend where you can listen to the slow voice of the sky and the seasons Fabrizio Caramagna

A path for all tastes

There are multiple reasons to discover the territory crossed by the Sentiero sul Maira. The path can be explored on foot, by MTB and on horseback. It has minimal differences in height. It is largely suitable for all ages and skill levels. The trail signs are those codified by the CAI.
52 Km 9 municipalities Minimum height difference
by foot In Mtb On horseback
Thanks to dedicated sites it is possible to follow the route of the Path and find information on stopping points, places to see, active life and taste experiences.

For those who travel on foot, bus transport services allow connections between the Municipalities. The stretch of route between Racconigi and Savigliano is served by the railway which also allows bicycle transport. In each municipality, access to the path is simple and quite close to the town centre.

The Sentiero sul Maira offers variations which, in some sections, allow circular routes, while in others, local roads, although moving away from the stream, invite you to discover the territory between fields, farmhouses and castles and return to the river.

All the Municipalities are presented by geolocalized audio supports and some present tourist information panels with in-depth information. In the sheets dedicated to the Municipalities there is specific information and contacts.


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