Busca - Villafalletto

Stage 2

Difficulty: MC+
STS grade: S1
Elevation: 10 m+ (486 m max / 423 m min)
Length: km 8
Type: Bici MTB full/front, e-bike front/full o gravel
Period: All year round. In summer lush plant growth may be encountered along the riverside.

You will cycle through the narrow streets of the historical old town of Busca, with its many typical corners, before reaching the banks of the Maira, initially coasting the river on a sealed road and then on a dirt track. After just a few metres, the dirt track gives way to a beautiful trail through the riverside vegetation, where you can spot the herons and mallards that forage for food along the watercourse. The trail has several more difficult sections, before reaching the ruins of Villafalletto castle. Shortly after the ruins, you will arrive in Piazza Mazzini, where the town’s most interesting monuments are located and the second stage ends.

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