Vottignasco - Savigliano

Stage 4

Difficulty: MC+
STS grade: S1
Elevation: 5 m+ (386 m max / 313 m min)
Length: km 14
Type: full/front MTB, front/full or gravel ebike
Period: All year round. In summer lush plant growth may be encountered along the riverside.

Leaving the centre of Vottignasco, you will reach the banks of the Maira and a few metres later the fun stretch known as the Olga Trail, with its many ups and downs and series of bends. You will continue to cycle slightly downhill on the Bruno Tortone Trail, partly through the riverside vegetation and partly on the edge of cultivated fields, until reaching the Solere bridge, where you must take care while crossing the provincial road. The path continues shaded by trees, in a peaceful, relaxing setting, all the way to Savigliano, home of the Pendolino high-speed train and birthplace of Santorre di Santarosa. You will cycle through Graneris Park to reach the beautiful old town, where you can admire the lovely Piazza Santorre di Santarosa with its municipal tower and palazzos.

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