The roccolo, woods and intellectual works

Like Vottignasco, the name of Busca derives from a Celtic or Germanic term which indicated an uncultivated area, with woods and brambles. This is how our area was for centuries: few roads, villages and forests. Busca was the result of numerous scattered villages whose ancient origins can be found in the many beautiful churches punctuating the surrounding hills. That it was a place of interest is demonstrated by the early presence of castles and fortified walls, and the envied position of the local lords, who bore the title of Marchesi di Busca, a title also inherited by the Princes of Savoy Carignano, later kings of Italy. While the latter consolidated their presence in the surrounding area, the town was the site for fine architecture which, perhaps thanks to the important local alabaster quarries, was enriched with details made from this material, used in the most important building projects in Piedmont and wider afield in the late 17th and 18th centuries.
Busca is linked to another important family who built their holiday residence in the nearby hills. Marchese Roberto Tapparelli d’Azeglio, a lover of the arts and a friend of the royal family, created a neo-Gothic complex with a landscaped garden which still amazes visitors today with its creativity, elegance and aura of mystery. The Castello del Roccolo, named after a technique for hunting birds, also hosted his brother Massimo, his cousin Guglielmo Moffa di Lisio, the young princes of the House of Savoy and, later, also Queen Margherita, a close friend of Paola Pes of Villamarina, the family who inherited the Azeglio estate. Many local workers were used for the construction of the castle. Creativity is clearly a quality of the local people, as evidenced today by the Parco - Museo Ingenium, dedicated to the use of the intellect.

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