The ponte del diavolo and much more

Dronero is a place steeped in legend. According to some, it is named for a Byzantine officer, while for others it refers to a geographical conformation or the Dragone family. The original name of the town recalls a mythological world, Draconerium, and the town’s coat of arms shows a rampant dragon.

Add to that the legend attached to the splendid medieval bridge, the “Ponte del Diavolo”, and the atmosphere of mystery is complete. Dronero is located in a perfect position to explore the area. The trails of the Sentieri Occitani start from here and allow visitors to discover the upper Maira Valley and the Maira Trail. Its attractive old town is rich in testimonies of art and history, ranging from medieval and baroque churches to aristocratic palazzi.
It is also characterized by buildings intended for work, such as the Loggia del Grano and the Mulino della Riviera, a mill still in use. Art and culture find their highest expression in the Museo Luigi Mallé, which exhibits the private collection of the eponymous art historian from Dronere, and in the Espaci Occitan, which promotes the culture of the Occitan-speaking peoples.

Dronero’s credentials for tourism were confirmed by a famous fan: the former Prime Minister Giovanni Giolitti spent his leisure time in this town, discreetly staying in his favourite hotel, surrounded by the peace of the mountains. Today the Centro Europeo Giovanni Giolitti is dedicated to him and houses an important archive.

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  • From the Maira Trail to the Town Hall: approximately 510 m – 8 minutes on foot

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