The favorite place of kings

Racconigi is a place favoured by nature and history. Next to the ancient medieval town a castle was built, which over time attracted noble families and crowned heads. The times when the residence, which became a royal palace, hosted famous people and major events reported by the world’s press are long gone, but traces of that past can be found when walking through the streets of the town. The Museo Giardino della Civiltà della Seta recounts how it was the Savoys who supported the building of spinning mills, making Racconigi the most important silk production centre in Piedmont, while many of the churches show traces of the devotion of kings and princes.
As in historical times, the staircase of the town hall recalls characters and events linked to the Savoys, while the Pinacoteca Civica holds works by one of the artists most appreciated by Vittorio Emanuele III, Giuseppe Augusto Levis. Walking along the Maira Trail you immerse yourself in a unique, protected environment, while the quiet country roads lead to splendid villas and farmhouses once owned by the royal family. Since 1985 the Gonella farmhouse, former property of the Savoy family, has been the headquarters of the Centro Cicogne e Anatidi Federato LIPU, an important centre for the protection of wildlife, in particular storks and waterfowl.

  • From the Maira Trail to the Castello Reale: approximately 900 m – 14 minutes on foot
  • From the Maira Trail to the Railway Station: approximately 2 km – 30 minutes on foot

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